10 Alternate Headlines For:
“Goal Setting Powerhouse”

Use these alternate headlines to split test your lead magnet opt-in page so you can get a higher conversion rate…

"Discover The Basic Components of Setting Solid, Life Changing Goals"

“If You Don’t Have Future Goals In Place Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later”

“WARNING! Do Not Try Setting New Goals Until You Get This Free Report”

"No Goals For Your Future? Use This Free Guide To Start Setting Them"

“What Would You Rather Do: Reach One Of Your Dreams Or All Of Them?”

“Get The Ultimate Goal Setting Shortcut… Absolutely FREE!”

“Find Out How To Take The Frustrations Out Of Setting New Goals”

“Free Quick Start Guide Reveals How To Set Goals That Are Reachable!”

“Simple Process - Learn The Core Techniques To Becoming A Goal Setting Powerhouse!”

"Free Report - Here's Why You Should Be Setting Goals And Reaching Them!"Click Here

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